Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

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Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

Ortis - Branding and Website Design

Ortis, a well-known brand in natural health products in Belgium for over 50 years, wanted to launch their brand in Canada with an updated logo, website, packaging and advertising.


My contribution to this branding project was to design a Canadian version of the product catalogue website. My goal was to rejuvenate the European Ortis brand in a way that would appeal to the target market in Canada.

-After establishing a look and feel for the website, I was also involved in designing ads for use in print and online.




-We walked a fine line trying to find the balance between maintaining the identity of the Ortis brand internationally while tailoring and update the look to compete and differentiate in the North American market.

-We quickly learned how challenging it would be to get the consumer’s attention in an already saturated market of natural products. Luckily Ortis’ fresh and clean design enabled us to differentiate the products from many of the dated and busy designs in the industry.

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