Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

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Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

Sephora - Holiday Collection Website

In 2014, Sephora wanted to create a fun and exclusive virtual launch party to present its holiday collection to the press and insiders in the industry prior to its release in stores. The goal was to get users to visit the site and request product images for later publication both in print and online.


I led both the prototyping and the design on this project. This involved:

-Meeting with the client to help assess their needs and their vision for the creative direction.
-Assisting in defining the architecture and user flows.
-Creating the functional prototype in Axure.
-Designing the website and promotional emails.
-Supervising the development in Wordpress.



-We wanted to emphasize the exclusive feel of this event. To up the exclusivity factor, we made access to the online event by invitation only, giving each user their own unique password.

-We created a whimsical site with gifts to open (click) and musical soundtrack as we wanted the users to have fun and to return to the site multiple times to request product images for publication.

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