Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

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Maia Kapahi – Design portfolio

ReachMD Responsive Website 2015

ReachMD is one of the largest learning platforms for physicians and healthcare professionals in the US. Medical professionals go to Reach MD to listen to a wide network of certified educational programs. In 2014, ReachMD updated their website to give users easier access to relevant programming and an improved multimedia experience on desktop and mobile devices.


-In conjunction with the project lead, I assisted in defining a new strategic direction for ReachMD’s digital experience. This direction was a transformation from a static and cumbersome audio based education site to a leading medical multimedia hub.

-My role in the project was to help define user needs, define the site architecture and user flows and finally create a prototype to guide the final design and development


With input from the client I assisted in defining the key user groups for the website and their key needs. To better guide the design and development we created one key personas and two secondary personas. I designed the personas card below.


I created the site map below to illustrate how information on this content heavy site would be organized. From there, I helped to define and illustrate user flows for the more complex functionalities.


The final stage of my involvement with this project was to design complex and iterative prototypes in Axure.


The transformation from the original site to the new site was dramatic.

This project would have benefited hugely from repeated user testing throughout the design process especially with the multimedia player where we relied on best practices to design what we thought was the optimal player.

A top priority in this project was making a large inventory of media highly discoverable on the pages of the website but also in the player without intimidating or confusing the user. The solution used a progressive disclosure interface and categorical main menu allowing the user to easily discover relevant content without feeling lost or overwhelmed by the multitude of options.

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